In February 1998 the first course of ten days was organized at the Colony of Sant Pere, near the town of Àrta in Mallorca. A second course took place at the same place in February 1999.


In June of that year the Foundation purchased the Dhamma Neru Center and it was decided to organize all the courses there to strengthen the new Centre. A few years ago courses were organized again outside the Center.


Thus, in March 2004 took place the first ten day course on the island of Ibiza, which was followed by a second in December of that year. Since then there were two courses per year sheduled, however one had to be cancelled in 2007, two in 2008 and in 2009 was canceled another; due to several reasons such as lack of a suitable place, or lack of Assistant Teachers in Europe.


In November 2010 again a ten-day course has been organized in Mallorca, the third to be held on this island. The course took place in the summer camp Sant Antoni and Sant Guillem in Colonia de Sant Pere, the same place where the two other courses were held. As due to having a proper place, the students in Mallorca have taken over the organization from Ibiza, after several courses organized there.

The summer camp is situated at the foot of two spectacular mountains, Xoroi and Ferrutx, and has a view on the bay of Alcudia and on the village Colonia de Sant Pere. The camp has upgraded facilities that meet the needs for a ten-day course with a capacity of 72 students.


As well in 2011, took place a ten-day course in the same place. In 2012 a 3-day course for old students was held in late June, followed by a one-day course for children and young people in an old house, in the Serra de tramuntana of Mallorca.


For this year 2012 a course of 10 days will be realized between 24th October and 4th November 2013 and from 23th October to 3th November, both in the Casal de Colònies of Colonia de Sant Pere (Arta).


In addition to these courses of 10 days on the island of Ibiza 3 weekend courses have taken place and one-day selfcourses have been organized regularly since 2003 (62 + 1 with teacher in March 2009) .


On the island of Mallorca one-day selfcourses and afternoons of 4 hours of meditation are organized regularly since September 2008.


The one-day self courses, weekend courses and afternoons of 4 hours of meditation are activities in which only old students can take part, ie they have completed at least one course of 10 days with Mr SN Goenka or one of the Assitant Teachers approved by Him.


The 10-day courses are open to both new and old students.